Players Offer the Opportunity to Preview the Backpack on the Skin

Epic Games

Should the option to view backpacks on a given skin be available in the game?

We have a lot of backpacks in the game, skins too. However, it is known that not all of them match the skin. Time for the preview option!

Preview of backpacks in the store

Currently, to choose a backpack for the skin, we must already have it. It costs us vdolce or return tokens. Searching the internet is another option, but Epic Games can help us. A positive solution is the positive preview options available in our backpacks locker on the skin not yet bought in the game! Of course, you can also add the reverse option and check how the backpack looks from the store on our skins from the cabinet!


Epic Games

Of course, everything would involve the introduction of completely new panels and several additional windows, which would cost some work. However, it seems that the joy of the community is worth the price.