Legal Wallhack in Apex Legends by Serious Glitch


Although Apex Legends has its moments, it still returns to the times with many errors.

The community has discovered a new, serious bug in Apex Legends. It turns out that in certain situations, players are able to see through the walls.

It sounds amazing and it is – incredibly annoying.

Glitch lets see through the walls

Lord_Spinkingham Reddit user has shown exactly what he is saying. There are situations in Apex where we actually get a free and well legal wallhack.

So pingable structures and objects that give it an outline you can see through the map + Thermal scopes = ESP, ability to see players through walls. Kind of broken, might wanna fix that Cap! from apexlegends

The problem will probably be fixed, but it is not known when. Respawn has not issued any statements so far.