“Throwing Orisa to Someone. It Must Appear in Overwatch,” Teko Suggests


Teko spoke on one of the skills he thinks should appear in Overwatch.

Teko returned to active streaming, and his broadcasts again had ideas for further development of the game. This time, the streamer proposed a skill that he thinks should go to Overwatch.

Throwing Orisa to someone

Teko compares his idea to the ban that Orisa has.

“Currently, I would most like a skill that gives other members of the Orissa fortife team. Something like I don’t know, Zaria’s bubble. You throw a bubble at someone like Zaria, but this is strengthening Orissa. “

The biggest problem, however, would be the fact that the possibility of casting such strengthening on Genji with the effect of nano power would be too strong.

A simple solution would seem to be blocking the possibility of awarding two effects at the same time. This, on the other hand, would lead to a quarrel like “Why did you give the nano feed, as I wanted to give the usual boost.”

According to the streamer, a good solution would be to limit the person with the gain effect applied. What exactly?

“This skill must appear in Overwatch, only it would have to work on the principle that we can give someone such empowerment, but this person must be around for the duration of this effect. So let’s say there is something that we throw at someone, if this person has moved away 10 meters then he loses it. At this point, Genji rushing into the team would lose this strengthening. “

Would such a thing really make sense in the long run? We are interested in your opinion!