Sigma’s Hidden Nerf. Sombra Hacks Sigma, Removing His Shield!


Players have found a large nerf on the Overwatch test server.

At Overwatch, there is a lot of talks now about the “finish line”. In fact, many matches look like pushing all kinds of covers.

We have Orissa, Reinhardt, Sigma, Brigitte, Winston – blockade 2/2/2 stops complete craze for barriers, but there are still a lot of them.

Sigma’s hidden nerf

Players on the test server have noticed that Blizzard is probably testing a large Sigma nerf. This was officially confirmed by one of the employees.

What is it actually about? Sombra hacking Sigma, who deployed his shield simply removes it.

Normally we would consider it a mistake, but since Blizzard confirms – it must have been on the wallpaper for a long time. The question is, is this a good decision?