We Will Wait a Long Time for the New Hero in LoL!


The new hero is unlikely to appear soon!

Everyone is waiting for some news, but it seems that the coming weeks will focus on the World Championships and during this time you should not expect any breakthrough news, especially those related to the new shooter.

We still have to wait

Riot announces that in October, and more precisely at the end we should see plans for the next heroes. So there is a high probability that a new hero will appear shortly after the plans are published. Such situations have already taken place in the past and the gap between the release of official plans and the disclosure of the hero was no more than a week or two.

All this leads us to the conclusion that Riot is planning something for the World Cup and there are many indications that this hero can be revealed with a new team and a new skin line.

There are also voices that perhaps Riot will break this pattern. Rather, however, do not count on a non-standard play from the red and the coming weeks will probably focus on the new event and the next skins.