Armor Will Be Added to Apex Legends, Which Will Become Stronger With Liquidation


It looks like Apex Legends developers are working on another item that will soon be in the game.

Apex developers apparently accelerated the work on the game. The files contain armor with completely new mechanics.

It is a direct response to players’ complaints about liquidation, which do not give any advantage over opponents.

Armor is getting stronger

In the files, it was called “Evolving Armor”. One YouTuber with the name Gaming Merchant explained that the armor should initially have 150 resistance points. It has several levels that will increase as the number of decommissioning increases.

Ultimately, the armor will have 4 levels, the last of which will provide an additional 125 health points.

At the moment there is no information about possible dates. However, the item is actually in the files and is waiting for activation. Most likely it is still undergoing tests – after all, such a dose of additional immunity will make some will be practically unstoppable.