Tfue Can Be Permanently Banned From Twitch


Tfue can have really big problems.

Now, it really turns out how Twitch approaches his principles. According to the regulations, Tfue should be banned permanently.

Why? Streamer used “N Word” on its broadcast.

Tfue fights for first place in terms of viewership on Twitch. Now his journey can end. Streamer suffered a bit during his Minecraft game and, to put it mildly, unflatteringly spoke about black people.

“You guys ****** killed all the villagers, man,” said Tfue. “Y’all ******* killed them [******]. You can suck my pee pee, man. “

Streamer, of course, removed VOD, and we do not even want to quote it ourselves. Behavior really poor. Tfue can now be permanently blocked.

Twitch applies the 3-warning principle. The last one is a ban without a return opportunity. Tfue already has two warnings on its account, including a 30-day ban.

At the moment the Tfue channel is not suspended. It was 3 days ago, so the chance for a ban is quite small – although on the other hand, information about the behavior of the streamer is just beginning to be really loud.