Tactical Skirmishes Quickly Lose Interest!

Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics quickly bore players?

Everything will be based, of course, on interest in Google and twitch, unfortunately we do not have a preview of what it looks like in the game, so we can do nothing more.

Interest is falling!

In August, Tactical Skirmishes lost a large number of viewers on platforms such as min. Twitch! Over the past 30 days, the number of viewers has decreased by almost 60%, and the group of streamers emitting them has decreased by 50%!

It looks like TFT will be just a small game, such an addition to the League of Legend stand with updates from time to time. But will all these new products, this whole mass of updates, as well as the money spent on a huge amount of Small Legends (we are talking about the company’s budget here), all these character modifications or even map designs, will not be in vain?

The PT problem could also be a huge hype, at first everyone was filmed, watched various streamers and also tested the mode despite the fact that such games do not interest him at all. Therefore, the statistics shown today are normal and will not fall much.