A new castle will appear in Fortnite? Two probable spots!


We currently have two generators in the game. This forced the community to look into the files.

Two generators can mean two new seats. It so happened that the files contained two location names that are not in the game. They are probably associated with the Guardian of Love, or rather its female version.

New seats possible

Two spots have names:

  • Demeter
    • In Greek mythology, the goddess of land fertility, fertility, farmland, cereals and agriculture.
  • Princess Castle

It should already be connected to the statue we have on the map. Could the skin be a reference to Demeter, and Epic wanted to introduce two spots associated with this skin?

The statue is currently looking towards the old castle, it is possible that it will change. However, it is not known when and if this theory is correct. There is no doubt, however, that we currently have two generators on the map and should be deployed in a moment!