Fortnite: A Moving Bubble! Shield Yourself and Allies on the Run to the Zone!


A brilliant idea to create a mobile bubble shield!

If you ever had a problem moving to the zone, because around you swarmed with built-in opponents everywhere. This solution is for you!

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Bubble-shielding new great tactics!

A new item called Bubble is recently introduced into the game. It was probably the answer to the crushing Brutali rockets. Of course, ingenious Fortnite players found another, better solution!

The tactics were used for the first time by one of the streamers with the nickname “Spectro” and the players liked it very much! He threw an emitter at his ally who wore a bush, and when it activated, the bubble attached to the player!

As you can see, the solution worked great and helped players move to the next zone without taking any damage.

Of course, tactics are not perfect, to use it we need an ally, emitter, and bush. The first requirement should not frighten anyone, but unfortunately, we have to count on the others. In addition, remember that the bubble lasts only for 30 seconds and has 400 hit points, and opponents can pass through it!