Fortnite X Lays, a Cooperation Proposal Similar to LoL

Epic Games

League of Legends currently works with Pringles, for finding codes on the bottom you can pick up skins.

We all remember collecting different things in chips, and if V-Dolce, for example, or random Fortnite prizes were inside?

Such an idea was based on LoLa, which established cooperation with Prignles.

Fortnite and Lays

Of course, there were a lot of proposals for cooperation, some more successful, others hopelessly weak. This, however, could be really cool. This feeling of drawing an interesting prize can be a nice return to the past.

In addition to the idea, an interesting graphic of possible skins was created. How does it look like?

Skins certainly original probably would come with some challenges.

Fortnite and cooperation

Currently, we know about the upcoming cooperation with TO: Chapter 2. Epic Games as you can see further is open to interesting suggestions and possibilities. It is possible that one day this action with chips could take place.