The Wall From the Pantheon Movie Reveals New Skins? They Are Not Star Guardian!


The wall from the Pantheon movie did not reveal Star Guardian skins at all!

There are a few pictures hanging on the wall of the Pantheon movie, they were thought to be the latest Star Guardian skins. It is not like that at all.

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The true face of the wall!

On the wall from the Pantheon movie “Metamorphosis of Pantheon, Indestructible Spear” we see 5 characters. And they are Zoe, Kayle, Morgana, Evelynn, Neeko, and Sylas. At first, they seemed like new skins from the Star Wizards series. Unfortunately, only Neeko and Zoe got it so it seems that this is something different.

A few suggestions:

  • New team.
  • Harrowing / Halloween.
  • Snowdown / Christmas.
  • Random skins that nobody expects.

And now let’s eliminate the suggestion above:

  • New band: Evelynn and Kayle are already in bands (K / DA and Pentakill) so it’s impossible.
  • Harrowing / Halloween: Morgana already has a Halloween skin, so it falls off. Kayle and Evelynn don’t have one, Sylas has only one so everything is possible. Something similar to Death Sworm or Zombie will probably come out this year, because very traditional skins came out last year.
  • Snowdown / Christmas: None of these heroes have such skins, so it’s very possible that’s it! Something traditional should come out this year because Winter Wonder skins came out a year ago.
  • Random skins: It may be a bit like this because there is something wrong with us almost everywhere.

Of course, it may turn out that all these passes are incorrect, and Riot Games himself hung them there intentionally!