Overwatch on Nintendo Switch May Come out Next Week


We may not have to wait for BlizzCon for the first important information about Overwatch.

The theme of Overwatch and Nintendo is not getting cold. Although there is little talk about it in Poland, it is a really hot issue in the world.

Hot enough that the Overwatch community really survived the news that we can expect the premiere next week.

Overwatch on Nintendo Switch

According to people known in the environment from having information about Nintendo Switch, the premiere of Overwatch for this console may take place next week.

The information is unconfirmed, but there is a lot of talk about it. It is difficult to state clearly how reliable they are. We did not move in the Switch environment ourselves, nor can we assess their veracity.

If we actually have the premiere next week, it could be the beginning of a whole new chapter. Cross-play, OW for mobile devices and finally BlizzCon, which can bring complete surprise.