Fortnite: TSM ZexRow Alone Beats Tfue, Cloak and 72hrs in an Amazing 1 v 6!


The amazing feat of TSM star Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro!

A popular professional player is one of the top players at the Fortnite World Cup. He took 9th place then, and now he showed that he was fully deserved!

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One of the best plays this year?

The action took place during the Champion’s Trio Cash cup, exactly on September 30. The tournament should be played in threes, but unfortunately, the beginning of this game was terrible. ZexRow had to survive alone on the battlefield because his teammates MackWood1x and young calculator quickly laid out, leaving him alone.

However, it turned out that this is the perfect opportunity to show their skills and our star obviously took advantage of it!

ZexRow, using quick editing, rebuilding, and unusual reflex, instantly killed: Tfue, Tom, Cloak, Rhux, Pik and Joel.

After all, the player could not resist calling himself the best (which he shouted and you can hear it in the movie), but should he be surprised? Probably not!

The fans are crazy!

Many fans were and are impressed by the amazing ZexRow performance. They claim that this play may be one of the best solo plays of the year. Given the opponents and their level, they must be right.

The three-member team of ZexRowa later won by scoring 206 points in the tournament.