Everything That Is Known About the New Trap That Will Be in Fortnite!

Epic Games

During the next content update, a new trap will probably hit Fortnite Battle Royale.

Content updates are patches that usually bring new items or weapons. They often come in with balance changes.

During the next update, a new electric trap will probably hit the game.

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A new trap in Fortnite

The trap is interesting because, according to leaks, it is to be thrown. So set up differently than normal traps. We also know that it can be placed on the floor, roof, wall or ceiling.

In total, you will be able to carry four of her pieces in one slot.

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Damage: 50
  • Reload time: 2.0 (50 damage every 2 seconds?)

Although not much is known about it at the moment, it reminds us of the operation of another trap from Fortnite Ceiling Zapper, i.e. the electric trap. It may work similarly.

Placed somewhere, it will hurt nearby enemies.