New Boxes in Teamfight Tactics Change the Rules of the Game!

Riot Games

Riot most likely sees fewer and fewer people playing TFT and decides to make changes.

Teamfight Tactics has been quite successful, but keeping this type of mode fresh is really difficult. Therefore, Riot decided to introduce completely new boxes and change the rules for granting items.

Modifications to the mode are to refresh the formula and make the fun simply better.

New boxes in TFT

There may be three types of boxes in the game:

  • Rare
  • remarkable
  • Glossy Rare

Everything to know what to expect and at the same time raise excitement from a better box. What can we find in it? As before, items and gold. In addition, heroes were added (they will appear immediately on the bench) and something that has been called “Neeko Help”.

Neeko Help is a subject that will allow you to create a copy of any unit.

When are these changes?

All this is to reduce RNG and control what falls out to the players. How it all comes out, we’ll probably see soon.

Finally, the changes have already been made to the test server, from what Riot writes – the studio is planning a major update to the main servers with patch 9.18.