Stranger Things in Dead by Daylight, Demogorgone Becomes a Killer


Soon the players of Dead by Daylight will be able to escape from the Demogorgon of the Stranger Things series, even as Nancy and Steve.

On the occasion of Gamescom 2019 a collaboration was announced between the Netflix Stranger Things series and the video game Dead by Daylight : players will soon be able to escape from a new killer, the Demogorgon and will be able to take on the role of Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington, two of the protagonists of the show. 

The new Dead by Daylight content will be published in September with the title of Stranger Things DLC Chapter, which will also include a new map: the undergrounds of the Hawkins National Laboratory. 

This is not the first Dead by Daylight collaboration with other series. Over the years DLC has been released dedicated to Left 4 Dead, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw and Evil Dead. Also for Stranger Things, it is not the first time in video games. Recently Stranger Things 3: The Game has been published, while theme content has been made available in Fortnite. Also, a mobile role-playing game based on the series will be released next year.

Dead by Daylight