Death Stranding

At Gamescom 2019 it seems to be written everywhere that Death Stranding is a PS4 exclusive, while there is no mention of other versions.

Death Stranding is an exclusive PS4. At Gamescom 2019 the message comes from every poster in the game, where the relative official label stands out. 

The new game by Hideo Kojima and his Kojima Productions will be playable only on the Sony console, pace of rumors a few weeks ago that they wanted Gamescom 2019 theater announcement of the PC version. 

The doubt about multi-platform Death Stranding was born precisely for the removal of the label ‘Exclusive for PS4’ from the official game material. However, both Sony and Kojima have always presented it as an exclusive title, so it would not have made much sense to make him lose this status a few months after its release, except for a resounding break between the companies. 

Before leaving you, we remind you that Death Stranding will be available starting 8 November 2019, we reiterate only for PS4.