Even Crytek says it’s about PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, apparently reiterating the importance of the new super-fast storage and data management system of the new consoles.

We continue to collect impressions and thoughts from various developers on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, in this case with regard to Crytek, a team that is definitely at the forefront in terms of graphics technology, whose judgment, therefore, has particular importance for the new consoles. 

Interviewed by WCCFTech, the developers of Crytek said they were very enthusiastic about PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, as regards the new creative possibilities that also open up for the famous transition to new storage and data management systems through SSD, now a real torment regarding the new generation of consoles. 

“If visual quality will probably continue to increase with the extensive steps we have seen at each generation of consoles, the real innovative element will surely be the new fast data storage system that has been promised, “said Crytek apparently.” Beyond the obvious advantages in drastically reducing loading times, it opens up many possibilities for games that use such systems for data streaming “.

The question of the transition to the new data management system was particularly publicized by Mark Cerny talking about the new architecture of PS5, but also by Phil Spencer on Xbox Scarlett, so it seems an element to both platforms and apparently fundamental in the construction of the new hardware. For developers, as Crytek claims, this allows not only faster uploads but above all a much faster data flow management, allowing a constant stream of extremely low latency data that could bring great advantages for open game environments.