Pokémon GO Suicune

Suicune’s Pokémon GO Community Day will be held today: we see all the details, information and bonuses of Niantic Labs to capture the color version.

Today is a very important day for all Pokémon GO Coaches and players: Suicune Day will be officially held, in which all players, without exception, can participate directly from their city. Let’s take stock of the situation, examining all available information

The Suicune Day will be held today, Saturday 17 August 2019, from 16:00 onwards, until 19:00 (GMT +2). Over the course of these three hours, all the Five-Level Raids of currently free Pokémon GO (ie not occupied by Rayquaza) will host Suicune, the Legendary Dog of the Second Generation. And for the first time ever even Suicune Shiny, that is the chromatic version, will be released by Niantic Labs. 

You still have a few hours to organize with your friends and set off to conquer the Pokémon GO Raids. Niantic Labs will give all players five free Raid tickets, so as to increase the chances of catching Suicune in color. The next noteworthy event will then be in September 2019, with Turtwig’s Pokémon GO Community Day.