Nintendo Switch

It seems that Nintendo of America has initiated, rather quietly, an initiative that allows you to switch to the new Nintendo Switch model for free, in case you purchased the previous model starting from July 17th.

Let’s start by saying that the news at the moment concerns the North American market, so we are waiting for confirmations regarding Europe, but Nintendo has organized an initiative that allows some users who have recently purchased a Nintendo Switch to go for free to the new model

The new Nintendo Switch model is completely similar to the one previously available, but it has a difference that is of considerable importance considering the portable component of the console: a substantial improvement in autonomy, given not so much by a modification of the battery as probably a better balance of energy absorption, perhaps based on changes made on the SoC. 

In any case, the result is almost a doubling of battery life when using Nintendo Switch in portable mode and it is no small feat. For this reason, several users might consider switching to the new model even for this single improved feature. 

If nothing else, some will be able to do it for free, returning their console and paying only the shipping costs to get the new one. Who are these lucky people? Those who purchased a Nintendo Switch after 17 July 2019, or in the two previous weeks (as well as in the days following) to the launch of the new model. 

Nintendo did not advertise this maneuver, but the issue first emerged on Reddit and was later confirmed directly to Nintendo Enthusiast. When a user requested the company to change his console to Nintendo assistance, he was informed that the change is possible only if the console was purchased after July 17, as reported on Reddit, something confirmed in the same terms also to the website in question. At this point, we look forward to having any confirmation from Nintendo Europe on the extension of this interesting initiative.