Final Fantasy XV

Based on data collected by SteamSpy, Final Fantasy XV on PC has exceeded one million copies sold on Steam with its Windows Edition, the second chapter of the series to achieve this result.

Although it is considered a rather controversial chapter, in qualitative terms, there is no doubt at this point that Final Fantasy XV has entered history, particularly with regard to its PC version, given that it has exceeded one million copies sold on Steam and thus is the second chapter of the series to have reached such a milestone. 

Released almost a year and a half after the original launch on PS4 and Xbox One, Final Fantasy XV reached the PC platform through Steam with a comprehensive version thanks to the Windows Edition containing all the DLCsreleased following the original launch. The date of release on PC dates back to March 6, 2018, and 17 months have passed since that day: according to the data collected by SteamSpy, therefore unofficial but certainly reliable, Final Fantasy XV has exceeded a million copies sold on PC at this point. 

This is a rather small percentage of the total sales of Final Fantasy XV, which amounted to about eight million copies in total, also considering PS4 and Xbox One, but shows how the series has some success also on PC. This is the second chapter of the series to exceed one million copies sold on PC after Final Fantasy VII.