Epic Games

Epic Games announces the opening of the new Epic Games Cologne team, which will have as principal director Julian Eggebrecht and Achim Moller, or two of the founders of the historic Factor 5, and which will focus on streaming content.

Epic Games expands again with the opening of a new German team, which will take the name of Epic Games Cologne and will be led by two of the founders of the historic Factor 5 team, focusing particularly on streaming content. 

Just as the Gamescom 2019, scheduled for next week, is about to be staged in Cologne , the same city will also be the basis for the new Epic Games studio, which has as its principal director Julian Eggebrecht and Achim Moller, or two of the five founders of the historical Factor 5, a team known perhaps above all for the series of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and followers.

We do not yet know which projects are destined to continue in the new Epic Games Cologne team, but the idea is to focus on “emerging forms of interactive media and streaming technologies”. It, therefore, appears that this is a team designed to provide content to the new streaming and cloud gaming services, waiting to learn more. 

It is likely that further news on the new Epic Games team will arrive during Gamescom 2019, considering also that the city hosting the fair is the same one that will be the basis for the development team, with possible close links with Google Stadia and similar services.