Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ Iron Crown event went a bit too far in the use of prize boxes, Respawn apologizes and promises upcoming changes in the management of legendary event-related sets.

Respawn Entertainment has finally officially responded to the controversy that arose with the Corona di Ferro event of Apex Legends, admitting that they had exaggerated with the prize boxes and used them in a way that does not fit with what was promised long ago by the developers. 

The Iron Crown Apex Legends event turned out to be full of prize boxes, in which most of the cosmetic items were found. The boxes in question also turned out to be quite expensive for the occasion, in addition to the addition of the Bloodhound’s heirloom set containing various items that could only be unlocked after spending a significant amount of money in other packages, in addition to its standard price. 

The question immediately appeared clearly out of the standards that had been promised by Respawn on the management of the prize funds, attracting considerable controversy and pushing Respawn to apologize publicly: “With the Iron Crown event we went out of the seed and broke the promise that we did about managing Apex Packs and the most coveted skins, “wrote development team, Drew McCoy. 

Respawn has therefore promised a change of organization and starting August 20 it will begin to add and rotate all 12 exclusive legendary objects of the event within the Apex Legends store during the last week, at the price of standard Apex Coins 1800s skins. In this way, the developers want to remedy the fact that they have inserted the Iron Crown skins only through Apex Pack, promising moreover that, for the next events, the connected collections can also be obtained in other ways besides the purchase of the Apex Packs.