Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes will arrive in autumn 2019 also on iPad, with a new version developed by Feral Interactive based on the original for PC but with a revised interface.

Company of Heroes is still considered one of the best strategic real-time, in absolute terms, so it’s certainly nice to know that it’s also coming on Apple iPad

Company of Heroes is, therefore, coming to iPad this fall, with a conversion carried out by Feral Interactive based on the game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sega on PC. Feral is a company specializing in this type of operations, in particular for Apple platforms, so we can expect a job done with all the trappings, waiting to try it with hand. 

For the occasion, various elements of the original Company of Heroes interface have been revised, in order to make the game more controllable through the iPad touch screen. For the rest, all content and the original campaign have been transferred directly to this new version of the game. 

We are therefore waiting for a release date for Company of Heroes on iPad, which will be sold as a premium title on the App Store, therefore with a standard price and without in-app purchases and microtransactions.