The latest news from Steam concerns the possibility of signaling the algorithm to have played a certain title on another platform.

On Steam it is now possible to tell the algorithm if a certain title has been played on another platform. What is this newness for? To better refine the results of the recommended games. Valve’s platform cannot know for itself if we have already played a game elsewhere that seems perfectly in line with our profile, so now it is possible to tell it so as not to recommend it anymore. 

The new function is accessible via a drop-down menu next to the Ignore button. Once selected, the game will disappear from the recommended ones of Steam and another one will appear in its place.

If you want you can access the list of all the games marked as already played elsewhere and restore them, so as to remedy any errors, which can always happen. Obviously, the new feature is also a way to gather information about users’ gaming habits and to understand how much they play outside of Steam. Moreover, the algorithms feed on data and the more they are fed, the more accurate their work becomes and responds to the needs they were programmed for.