Metro Exodus

After Metro Exodus, it seems that 4A Games is already working on a new chapter in the series, at least apparently according to THQ Nordic’s CEO in the past few hours.

As reported by some online sources, also visible in Nathan’s tweet below, THQ Nordic basically confirmed the development of a new Metro chapter by 4A Games, although there is still no official announcement in this regard. 

After the success of Metro Exodus, therefore, the series is destined to continue with a new chapter at a fairly close distance from the last. Although the trend of the series and the dynamics of the videogame market let us guess rather easily the continuation of the series, given the narrative arc and the completed trilogy we could also think of something new from 4A Games in the near future. 

Instead, the CEO of THQ Nordic, Lars Wingefors, seems to have made it clear that the development team is already working on a new Metro, although nothing is known yet about the title or its features or release date. This does not exclude that there may also be something new from 4A Games, although considering the size of the team and the production in question it is difficult to be carried out simultaneously with a new Metro. 

Given the approach taken with Metro Exodus, it is possible that the new and mysterious chapter will push the world further explorable and on hybrid features between shooter and survival, even if at the moment they are only guesses. Staying on this level, we would not be surprised to see THQ Nordic’s acquisition of 4A Games in bulk in the future, given the publisher trend demonstrated further in the past few hours by the announcement regarding Milestone, in addition to Gunfire Games and Goodbye Kansas.