Bully 2

Checked online an alleged image taken from the gameplay of Bully 2, which however seems to be only a fake, moreover poorly concocted.


Finished online as an image taken from the never announced Bully 2 by Rockstar Games. 

To publish it was the youtube TheNathansNS, whose channel is full of videos of Bully, who claimed to have received it from a trusted source. As you can see, the image shows one of the game maps that can be called up from the pause menu. Above it says Wintersmith Mansion and clearly shows the player’s position icon. The interface is also very visible, very similar to that of the first Bully. 

In our opinion, the image of Bully 2 it could be a fake beautiful and good, moreover made by choosing one of the easiest elements to counterfeit: the map. Honestly, if we were in you, we wouldn’t take it for good. After all, Rockstar Games never announced Bully 2, whose development has been rumored for years. There are even those who say that it could come out in 2020. To know it we just have to wait.