Zoe Saldana calls ‘Avatar’ franchise James Cameron’s “legacy project”

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  • Zoë Saldaña is excited about the upcoming
    sequels, describing them as “awesome” and “crazy”.
  • Tea
    The franchise has been a groundbreaking and trailblazing project for director James Cameron and the cast and crew.
  • Saldana feels a strong connection to her character Neytiri and is thrilled to continue her journey in the sequel.

After cruising the universe by way of Star Trek And Guardians of the Galaxysprinkle the tablets in Colombian And Special Operations: LionessAnd dance straight into our hearts center stage And Crossroads, Zoe Saldana Her devotees are here to say they haven’t seen anything yet. In an interview with Collider Steve WeintraubThe actress peeked into the future James Cameron’s Avatar Franchise, directed and praised for the final three films that will round out the five-feature series. Using words like “amazing” and “crazy” (but in a good way), Saldana said the anticipation of getting back to work is overwhelming. Dropping yet another tease, it looks like the excitement will soon reach a fever pitch as the group is set to return to the set “next week”.

In her conversation with Weintraub, Saldana said:

“It’s going to be amazing.

Avatar 3

It’s going to be amazing, and

Avatar 4



, it just becomes crazy. That is true. It really does. (Cameron’s) blew our minds. This is his legacy project. We all thought it was


And it turns out that
It has a legacy, and for us to be a part of something so groundbreaking and trailblazing, it feels like it’s a legacy for us as well. So I’m excited to go back. We go back to work next week, so I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone.

Saldana’s excitement is almost contagious reading her words, and we’re not the least bit surprised that the actress therefore Excited and excited to get back to work and continue this “legacy project”. As she has built her character from paper to screen, so has the rest of the cast and crew behind the groundbreaking, box office haul. And, for the “crazy” aspect, of 2009 Avatar It was already pretty mind-blowing considering the way he relied on it Motion capture technology to truly wow the audience. Cameron has now K Much more than the budget And planning all these extra years, The Academy Award-winning director is bound to pop off with these final three installments.

Zoe Saldaña reflects her ‘Avatar’ Character

While names like Kate Winslet, Eddie FalcoAnd Jemaine Clement Jumped on board for a 2022 sequel, Avatar: The Path of WaterSaldana has been running through forests and swimming in Pandora’s waters since 2009. Avatar. Staring in front Sam Worthington, Salda’s character, Neytiri, is one half of the couple at the center of the action. In a previous interview we conducted with Saldana, she shared the tight-knit bond she feels between her and her character because the pair have so much in common.

“Neytiri and I,” she said, “have lived parallel lives, in a way. I have a level of fearlessness and rebellion as a person that Neytiri herself has, and I’ve been able to find a kinship in that.” She continued to describe The bond of motherhood That she and Netiri share, adding, “In my personal life, when I became a parent, fear entered my realm, with the fear of losing what you love so much.”

At this point, the story is set to continue Avatar 3 Hitting theaters on December 19, 2025. With the group reuniting next week and getting back into the swing of things, they’ll hopefully be kind enough to share some pictures of the mind-blowing production process. Check out the trailer for Avatar: The Path of Water down and Stream it now on Disney+ and Max. While you’re waiting for more information to drop, Read everything we know about the threequel here.

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Avatar 3

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