‘You can’t save the country if you don’t save the people,’ blasts Cuban economics doctor in response to package

Cubans on the island reacted to the economic package the government began implementing And for simple people and They begin to appear among intellectuals and officials. This is the case of Javier Pérez Capdavilla, Doctor in Economic Sciences and Professor at the University of Guantanamo.

On his Facebook wall, he also specializes in science, technology and innovation programs and projects of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in the Eastern Province, warning that The measures announced by the authorities are based on “reducing subsidies and increasing prices, leading to an enormous increase in poverty. So what stabilization are you talking about?”

“There are no measures to break out of economic stagnation and bring down inflation.”, with fiscal deficits that generate more liquid money, which does not stimulate the economy, but promotes inflation. “I’m almost certain that many economists in our nation’s capital have warned about this, but they haven’t been heard,” he warned.

Perez Capdevila noted, As a scientist, your duty is “to be critical and not follow what the government says. For this reason, I have become a victim of baseless and ignorant attacks. I love my country and every day I am more concerned about its condition. If my posts on social media make you feel uncomfortable, I tell you that I have no other choice, because those who should listen to my views are not listening to me, they are not even paying attention to me.

“The confusing and vaguely announced measures are supposed to achieve macroeconomic stabilization, but they are not a real solution, but only a starting point, and there is no guarantee that they will work,” he warned.

Regarding the reasons given by the authorities to justify the hike in electricity rates for large consumers, he noted: “I want to know who was the mathematician or team of mathematicians who advised the government To ensure that: ‘The percentage of consumers below a certain number of kilowatts is the variable that determines whether the rest are high consumers.’ “It’s an outrage that defies science and common sense.”

Regarding the up to 600% increase in long-distance public transport rates in Cuba, especially in interregional buses, airplanes and passenger trains, he asserted: “My Guantanamo also hurts me a lot, forgotten for many years, a victim of fatalism. Geographical, and now Subject to greater isolation due to transport costs.

“I believe that the economic impacts are poorly measured and the social impacts that also affect our health are not calculated.Knowing the travel needs due to disease problems that cannot be solved due to lack of equipment and other means of diagnosis in our province,” he noted.

“We want a government with more science, but in practice it is not reflected as it should be, because we are tired of talking. We must stop pseudoscience and pseudoscientists,” he called.

“If you don’t save the people, you can’t save the country, unless you have a distorted idea of ​​the word country.”, to use a fashionable term: distortion. Because it seems to me that they do not consider us when they talk about the country, as if saving the country is saving an idea or a desire, which is absurdly illogical,” he concluded.

In the forum of his publication, dozens of people, especially students and workers of the University of Guantánamo, supported his words.

“It is surprising that in order to approve the new Family Code, it was analyzed and debated to the point of exhaustion (its effective, consistent application; um, that is a subject of in-depth discussion); however, issues such as increased The cost of basic services such as transportation and electricity, which could deepen the current hardships of ordinary citizens and fuel more corruption and illegal enrichment, have been approved without further ado,” said Barbara Liz Cuna Quintana.

For his part, Carlos Martínez pointed out that “they don’t even leave you any room to doubt that what they do can be in favor of the people or not. This small group shamelessly acts in favor of their interests, regardless of what happens to their people; They are not interested in anything, only ensuring their family wealth at any cost. They don’t listen to anyone with ideas and a genuine desire to help; “They are increasingly dividing their class from the rest and I don’t think this will be tolerated so brazenly.”

While Yami Yami, a university student trained at the Guantanamo Higher Education Center, reflects: “There’s something you say and it hurts me so much: they don’t want to listen. Why? Can someone tell me why they ignore people’s opinions? They appear day after day, not only on Facebook, but also in Cuba’s digital press, where despair, hopelessness and distrust of the government can be seen. “They don’t want to listen, they know it, they just do what they want.”

General dissatisfaction with the measures, many of which will take effect on February 1, has forced him Miguel Diaz-Canel at least three times in two weeks to go out on social networks and defend them.

On Thursday, the president began a trip to Cuba to convince the population that the package is necessary. In his first stop in the Bahía Honda municipality of Artemisa, the president admitted he was tough but, reiterating his mantra, accused the counterrevolution of distracting him.

“There is a lot of movement with economic measures, and I know this is creating a lot of uncertainty.; And above all counter-revolutionary measures are being largely diverted,” he said.

However, while the first preliminary effects of the package are being appreciated (increased gasoline and diesel prices on the black market; increased private taxi rates), Cubans are only beginning to react on the network: This week, there were protests and confrontations between neighbors and police in Palma Soriano, Santiago de Cuba.After the alleged vandalism of two dollar stores.

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