Yoda or Iron Man coming to Fortnite soon!

Gaming News: Yoda or Iron Man Coming to Fortnite Soon!

Gaming News: Yoda or Iron Man Coming to Fortnite Soon!

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Will the Xbox console end soon? That’s the question everyone is asking as multiple sources have announced the arrival of all Xbox exclusives on competing consoles PS5 and Switch. Media The Verge, XboxAra and journalist Tom Warren (always very well informed) indeed confirm that Microsoft is on the verge of radically changing its strategy and may focus on Game Pass.

Less external noise

This is what Sony promises with the latest beta version of the PS5 system software. Deployed from February 7 in six countries, including France, it revisits the DualSense controller’s audio system.

The Japanese company, through a press release, promises noise reduction on the controller’s microphone. Which, in theory, should greatly improve the quality of the audio exchange between players not using proper headsets.

And then Disney releases Knox Checkbook, Safe and Fort for Fortnite

The big-eared mouse firm is investing $1.5 billion to become a minority shareholder in Epic Games, announcing an ambitious collaboration with Fortnite. Together, they plan to create a permanent virtual universe to integrate the Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars licenses into Fortnite. When will Iron Man or even Yoda be a playable character?

It is enough to imagine a completely different scenario at the beginning of the game where we can hear something like: “On the train, first you get off, epic weapons, maybe you’ll find there”.

In December 2023, the video game Fortnite was already open to new experiences. Since then it has become possible to race cars, survive in the Lego universe or play music in an activity based on the basics of Guitar Hero.

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