“What’s the point?”, players no longer understand the identity of this champion, but the developers do not agree

What about Gallio?

I want to talk about Galeo. I can’t play this champion on PC and have only played it on Wild Rift, but I always thought it was pretty cool.

But what is its identity? So far we have two main anti AD tanks in the form of Malphite and Rammus. So having an anti-AP tank champion makes sense too, right? Looking at Galleon’s kit, you’d think it falls into the AP anti-champion category. However, just look at his mid lane win rates. Using and LOLalytics, it:

– Defeated AD assassins like Z, Nafiri.
– Loses to other mid AD picks like Tristana, Akshan. So ok, it makes a bit of sense. Because it’s anti-AP, right?
– But it also loses to traditional AP mages like Aurelian Soul, Veiger, Malzahar, Ahri. And against other AP picks like Kassadin.

So far it looks like it can only deal with mid AP assassins. And that makes sense, given Galeo’s reach. But isn’t it a little bad for an anti-AP champion to only face assassins? I don’t want to post an assassin, but it’s kind of funny to see that Galeo has a better chance of winning against Yasuo than something like Malzahar.

Its buildpath is also clumsy. He’s a rare example of a champion with magic resistance to ability ratio, but if you build him like a tank he can’t do much. And Riot doesn’t want him to be made into an AP killer, given his recent changes pushing him towards a bruiser playstyle.

But in that sense, why pick Gallio when Gragas exists, a similar AP tank champion that can make an AP killer to really blast targets and also an Ancient Staff if you need to be in the front line more often. Is it really worth having Galeo for his ultimate and W?

We really get the impression that he doesn’t really have an identity anymore.

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