What to change in your diet from age 40 to avoid weight gain and live longer

After the age of forty, it is normal to see your nutritional needs change. As we age, our bodies and our bodies evolve and no longer demand the same things. It then becomes imperative to focus on a healthy diet to meet these new needs for not only overall health, but to increase your life expectancy. This is the best way to deal with these sometimes significant changes without feeling the effects too intensely. Among these adaptations to be implemented, there are five that are intended to be mandatory as indicated on the site. Improve your health.

What changes should be made in the diet from the age of 40?

That would be the first thing Consume more Calcium To protect your bones, which have more difficulty absorbing calcium, as estrogen production decreases. Ideally, for example, you should consume about 1000 mg of calcium per day to limit the risk of osteoporosis. Calcium we can find in cheese (between 470 and 850 mg per 100 g portion), almonds (250 mg per 100 g) and yogurt (between 127 and 180 mg per 100 g). From the age of 40, it is recommended To increase the intake of protein A person’s plates respond to the fact that muscle mass decreases with age, leaving more room for fat and (…)

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