VIDEO: The chilling scene before a magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit the Philippines today

a Earthquake A magnitude of 6.7 was recorded on Tuesday off the coast of PhilippinesThe United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported, although initially no the victim or damage.

The quake struck about 100 kilometers southeast of Sarangani province at a depth of 70 kilometers, the USGS added. He Trembling Warning not triggered TsunamiNoted the Tsunami Warning System of USA and the Philippine Seismological Agency.

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There were no reports of casualties or damage from the Philippines earthquake

No tsunami warning was issued due to the earthquake. Photo: Special

“By the grace of God it wasn’t very strong in our province,” Sergeant Ian Roy Balandan said. Police Sarangani Province, in island from Mindanao. No deaths or damage to infrastructure or buildings were reported, Balandan said in an interview.

“It was really mild. People barely felt it,” he added.

The Philippines is located in a high seismicity zone. Photo: Special

Harley Sauro of Sarangani Municipality’s disaster agency confirmed that there were no damages or casualties in the earthquake, although “it caused some people to disturb their sleep.” This Trembling In is everyday Philippines, which is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area of ​​strong seismic and volcanic activity. Last month there was a Earthquake 7.6 magnitude off the coast of Mindanao, which triggered a brief Tsunami. At least three people died.

A video of fish coming out of the sea before an earthquake shocks users

The scene has started a wave of theories on social networks. Photo: Special

Some were advertised on social networks Video A strange thing happened a few minutes before the earthquake on this Monday Philippines And it has disappointed internet users. This is a recording that shows thousands of fish jumping from sea to sea at the same time. the beach.

The unusual scene was recorded by residents of Sarangi, Philippineswho were “amazed by the arrival of millions of leaping fish Massim Beach“, as reports “Once Noticius” from a publication shared last night on his official X account.

The earthquake struck about 100 kilometers southeast of Sarangani province. Photo: Special

According to some comments posted by users prestige about something bad being on the way, while others claimed that perhaps this was how the fish warned people that something was about to happen. This recording has gone viral and spread around the world within minutes of the incident. Earthquake.

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