The son of Alfredo Pacheco, who was killed in the Houston shooting, was shot in the middle of an attack in DR – El Nuevo Diario (Dominican Republic) in 2004.

El Nuevo Diario, Santo Domingo. – The son of Alfredo Pacheco, president of the Chamber of Deputies, who was killed in a shooting Tuesday morning in Houston, Texas, was shot in the middle of a robbery in the Dominican Republic, when he was 15 years old.

Luis Alfredo Pacheco Rojas, in 2004, was the victim of an attack where he was shot in the left thigh by four men who tried to rob him of his belongings, according to a news story published on that date by the newspaper Hoy.

At the time of that incident, the president of the upper house called for “greater efforts from all sectors of society to fight crime and criminality in the Dominican Republic,” while adding that the attackers tried to take his son’s cell phone. , some tennis shoes and other items.

“He said that the young man was riding a motorconco with Ramon Caceres at 10:30 last Saturday night going to Puerto Isabela, when four persons in two passages stopped him with the intention of alighting the driver of his motorcycle, which led to a struggle. , however they then fled. managed to escape, prompting the assailants to open fire, one of which hit the MLA’s son,” the information quoted.

For the case in 2004, the National Police reported that those arrested were Socrates Antonio Carella, 18 years old, and Jose Ramon Ruiz Payano, to be investigated in relation to the incident.

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