The House Intelligence Committee warns of the existence of a “serious threat to the national security” of the United States

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee warned this Wednesday that he has information about a “serious threat to national security” and urged the federal government to release the information so that, together with his colleagues, he can openly discuss how to respond.

Rap. Mike Turner sent an email to members of Congress early Wednesday in which he said his committee has “identified an urgent issue regarding unstable foreign military capabilities” that all congressional policymakers need to know.

Turner did not elaborate on the nature of the threat in his statement. The White House also declined to comment.

CNN reported, citing two sources familiar with the matter, that the threat was linked to Russia, although no further details were provided.

House Speaker Mike Johnson said there was no need for alarm, but he was not at liberty to release classified information.

Regarding Turner’s mysterious email, White House National Security Council adviser Jack Sullivan said this week he had spoken personally with leaders from both parties involved in security issues, including Turner, and was “a little surprised” that the lawmaker made those comments today. did .

In a press conference, Sullivan plans to meet this Thursday with what is known as the “Gang of Eight,” which includes the leaders of each of the two parties in the Senate and House of Representatives, as well as the Speakers and the opposition parties. Members of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees.

Sullivan did not specify whether the briefing was related to Turner’s warning. “I leave it up to you to make the connections you want to make,” he told reporters.

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