The free PlayStation Plus game is an underrated mix of GTA 6 and Cyberpunk 2077

Although it was considered a mixed success by critics, Legion of Watchdogs Often considered an underrated pastime that doesn’t take itself too seriously and offers a variety of ways to play. The whole aesthetic of Watch Dogs is easy to get behind, who doesn’t love hacker and cyberpunk styles?

While the game didn’t quite live up to the high levels of the franchise, Legion of Watchdogs to his fans. This is possible due to the hacking options of the game and the technology that the player can use. Between hacking drones, deploying spider robots, and using an augmented reality cap to snipe past enemies, there’s a lot about it.

Available on PlayStation Plus, it’s well worth spending some time with Legion And judge for yourself if the game is for you. You’ll “raise resistance from virtually everyone you hack, infiltrate, and fight to retake a near-future London facing its collapse.”

There are innovative mechanics and features, such as recruitment options to increase your resistance, as you can play as anyone in town. Also, the NPCs you absorb have different stats and unique personalities that change the gameplay.

Perhaps the best thing here is the city of London, which is beautiful from every angle and seems full of life.

Overshadowed by the Watch Dogs Legion Cyberpunk 2077 Since its publication, which is understandable. CD Projekt Red Game was abandoned and, even in its early, broken years, realized what it was. See the dogs Desired and massive. So maybe it’s worth returning to this via PlayStation Plus and seeing what it has to offer. That’s the beauty of these subscription services, you can get started without spending money and possibly without getting frustrated.

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