“I know I’m bad”, after losing all his placement games, this player finds himself Platinum 1, and even the developers don’t know what to say.

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The rule in League of Legends is, before knowing your rank, you must play 5 placement games first (before you had to do 10). Depending on your results, you get your starting rank, and it’s up to you to play and fight for the hope of advancing. So often we are disappointed with the level we land on (we often hope for better), One player was surprised to start climbing the ladder at the rank of Platinum 1 – so that’s a high rank. But for him, it is more of a curse.

A strange situation

It was on Reddit that our player told his unique story. Although he lost literally all of his placement games, this game finally gave him the Platinum 1 rank. A rank that therefore seems too high given its results. Worst in history, and by the player’s admission, He doesn’t deserve this ranking, worse, he’s a real curse because he knows he doesn’t have the level to play at this ELO.

I was given a bad rank and now I am getting destroyed.

Hey, I recently created a new account, because my MMR on my main account was too high because I played some games with friends (all diamonds or masters). For reference: I’m really, really bad at this game, bronze as possible (really).

I started playing about two weeks ago on a new account with another guy who I managed to convince to play League after playing CS2.

We played some games and got our rank. He earned his rank first, as he started playing first, and was ranked Iron 2. Just for reference: He’s as good as me. But after one game, I was ranked Platinum 1.

Now there are two problems, the first is that Iron and Platinum ranks cannot play together (in ranks: editor’s note).

The second is that I have enemies who are very strong. I mean I don’t even have a chance.

And now my ranked players want to report me because I feed. I’m on the 10 or 15 damage range at the moment. What should I do ?


We can salute the integrity of the player, who is well aware of his real level, but this erroneous placement inevitably hurts him. First, it only destroys in rank, and second, it postpones the mass, while in the end, it is not responsible for the situation. Of course, some would say he has to play ranked again, but obviously he wants to play again with his friend who is iron ranked. To achieve this, he must go below. “What annoys me is the toxicity of players who realize I’m actually a worse player. It makes me want to quit after every game. It’s crazy how many times I have to use the /mute option” he said in the comments.

The community is not too keen on her, on the other hand, she is upset about the affair. The player’s situation is not enviable, but neither are the teams in which he finds himself. in short, Our weaker player has a real responsibility to whoever he finds himself with. What could happen in the system for a bronze level player (he says so himself) to finish platinum 1 after 5 losses in a row?

A god to the rescue

The thread got attention, so a developer joined the conversation. Matt “Froxen” Leung-Harrison, LoL’s Lead Gameplay Designer, tried to unravel the situation.. At first, he didn’t realize he was a new account, and explained that his MMR was skewed because he was being carried by high-level players in the support position. Then he realized his mistake, and it was in fact a brand new account, so with a “new” MMR.

Ok, I looked at your opgg, and I think you are grossly underestimating your skill level! You are not an iron level player, you do very well in gold/platinum rank games. That said, Gold/Plate in general is probably not in the Gold/Plate rankings, so we’ve already thought about adjustments to move people further down if we see that.

So our player may not be as bad as he thinks. The graded/normal layers are not the same, and can therefore lead to placement errors. He also clarified that he and his team are working on the matter to reduce the risk of recurrence of such a situation.


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