“Stop making him young!”, players don’t understand why this champion gets younger with every new skin

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This week, Riot Games introduced the community to the skins that will be coming with League of Legends patch 14.4. Six champions will receive new porcelain-themed skins, and Kindred will receive its skin prestige from the same lineage released in 2022. But there is one detail that bothers players. For some, the champion keeps getting younger with each new cosmetic.

“He is a ruthless and angry general!”

On Reddit, a Darius lover vented his anger. According to him, Riot Games revives champions with each new skin. In his release, he explains his reasoning at length based on the character’s visuals. For him, the identity of Darius, supposed to be a fierce Noxian general with the scars of past battles on his face and armor, is radically altered.

Stop belittling Darius!

I chose this champion because I loved his old splash art. He was an experienced and tough general. We can see his collected and angry expression + gray locks + damaged armor. Then they started releasing cutscenes, skins where his face didn’t match the splash art, he looked like a younger version of him, around the same age as Garen.

But outside of that and God-King Darius and more recently Spirit Blossom Darius, his white hair is virtually non-existent, his character traits are lacking, and the recent skins are complete character assassinations. Folks, Darius is not an arrogant, stupid, over-ambitious, hard-headed ass. He is a ruthless and angry general.

Hear me out, I’m glad my guy’s getting new skins and all the attention from Riot, but I wish they’d stop taking away from what the essence of Darius’ character is: a seasoned general.

Moreover, these concepts have no meaning. Darius porcelain? for what Why would he have a lion on his shoulder? Is this Garen skin for Darius? Did he steal? Why is his ax double-edged? How does he strike with an axe? Why is the person walking through the pottery?

They took the Darius repeater and made it a new image of Darius, I swear. This guy is supposed to resemble Berserk’s Guts. Now he looks like any normal high school joke.


If we look at the recent splashshirts, it’s true that the champion seems to have clearly gotten younger. Less freckles, black hair and no longer white, and the face looks less tired, less wrinkled. in short, The champion seems to have lost all his maturity. Even if we do not know the exact age of Darius, we can place him between 40 and 50 years old.

What’s more, it’s true that the porcelain theme doesn’t really fit the essence of the champion. What is a war general doing amidst all this pottery? So why? Why this choice of Riot Games? This could be the studio’s new artistic direction, a smaller champion might sell more. However, it is a shame that the character loses its identity during its cosmetics. Darius is not considered a likable character, he is an arrogant young man..

Another problem

In addition to this controversy, the new porcelain skins received another criticism. Indeed, many find the theme’s sound effects unbearable. It now remains to be seen if Riot Games will heed the various comments from the community; That is to make our good old Darius weary of his long battles, and less stern for the pleasure of our ears.

As a reminder, the new porcelain skins will be released with patch 14.4 scheduled for Thursday February 22, 2024 according to the official Riot Games calendar.

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