“Soda disease”, this little known danger to our liver

About one in five French people are affected by metabolic steatosis. Discovered a few years ago, this pathology is characterized by the accumulation of fat in the liver.

NASH: Behind this acronym is a disease that progressively degenerates the liver. In the most severe cases, it can lead to cirrhosis. However, this pathology is still poorly known to the public, but also to doctors. As this patient testifies on the SOS Hepatitis website: “After the fall, I went to the emergency room. When I was asked about my background, I of course talked about my Nash and I saw a complete lack of understanding, because a priori, no one knew. »

It must be said that Nash was discovered barely 40 years ago and in France, it has been recognized as a disease for almost ten years. But what exactly are we talking about? “The disease starts with steatosis, i.e. accumulation of fat in the liver. Today we are talking about metabolic steatosis. Hepatologist at Strasbourg CHRU, Professor Laurence Serfetti explains. In common parlance, it is better known under the term…

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