Sex: How to make an erection last?

Because some would like to enjoy some time, there are ways to make the erection last.

Are you ready for intensive training? During sexual intercourse, it is desirable to have a quality erection for as long as you want. Only there it is sometimes Complicated to make it lasterection during the desired time. On the Instagram account of the Kama app, which regularly offers advice on pleasure and sexual health, Aaron, one of the media’s sex coaches, offers some tips for this. Exercise regularly and maintain an erection that lasts.

Make the fun last

First of all, the media points out that it is completely normal for the penis to be more or less hard and that it fluctuates even during intercourse. Partners should not have too high expectations of hardness and endurance, in which case they risk putting themselves in a bind. state of mind performance Which can damage the relationship and reduce happiness.

But, to make the erection last, there are many ways to train. Just like “you warm up any other part of your body by stretching,” Aaron says, it’s perfectly possible to heat up the penis. This technology allowsIncrease blood flow and improve its performance. To pull it off, you must Grasp it at the base, squeeze a little, then pull toward the end penis. By practicing in the morning and evening, this stretching will improve blood circulation and ultimately, make the erection longer.

When this technique is performed as a couple during foreplay, erections will come naturally, permanently, and allow for a connection to be established between partners that will have the effect of making the rest of the relationship more relaxed.

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