Salma Hayek has revealed her two tips for hiding gray hair

Salma Hayek does not want white hair… On the contrary, the American actress and director, who is now 57 years old, wants to hide the traces of time and reveals her tips to her followers, which are unique but no less effective. Explanations!

Was seen in the film last year Magic Mike: Last Dance By Steven Soderbergh and starring Channing Tatum, Salma Hayek There is a constant buzz on the red carpet and social media. No one has forgotten her figure revealed on Bikini Day or her natural look revealed in selfies in recent months or the tight dress she flashed at the 48th Toronto International Film Festival recently. On February 28, it was on Instagram that the actress, now 57, shone the spotlight on her hair in particular with a short video featuring two tips. Camouflage your white locks.

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Video already liked it François-Henri Pinault’s wife is well-rounded more than 230,000 times in the space of a few hours. Seated in a chair in front of a mirror, with a very active hairdresser at her side, Salma Hayek speaks and shows how she is preparing to hide the white streak located on the left side of her face, next to her temple. without painting And just in A few moments !

Salma Hayek uses the tool everyday

the heroine of Street of Miracles Explains in detail: “How can I cover them, without sometimes coloring them? So when I’m alone, I just put on mascara. You clean it well, then you do it like this”She said mimicking using the brush on the roots of her hair. “All the little rebel hairs that stand up not only turn black, but lie flat”, she clarifies with supporting evidence. In other words, Salma Hayek uses a tool that most women have to perfect their look. Be attractive in all circumstances.

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In addition, Salma Hayek advises taking a few steps for a more vibrant result. “Once the product has been applied to the hair, heat should not be used. This can cause the mascara to melt and result in a hair color disaster.”She adds, alerting her community of 28 million subscribers.

Stars and their white hair

But that’s not all! The actress gives another tip through her hairdresser’s voice. While making sure he doesn’t get gray hair “do not disturb”But sometimes it must “Working with troubled people”Salma Hayek explains that she uses it too Temporary root touch-up sprayPresented as “Hair Makeup”And that Disappears with the first shampoo. Well seen!

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This speech goes against French singer Zazi, who decided to let her hair down after the release of her last album. AIR in which it has a pair How do we do it? with Vianney (2023). The 59-year-old artist shows off long white locks of hair that she wants to make a non-issue. “When I started talking about the last album, I got questions about my gray hair in the first ten days. In those cases, I pretend to be very old and very hard of hearing”she joked FigaroAssuming that there was “Some question about this society for women”.

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