Relatives fear for his life: Sixty-year-old disappears after recording Alex Saab in Margarita

Carlos Ramon Salazar Lares – Photo Ex

“Here in Margarita the thug Alex Saab (…) is giving life,” Carlos Ramon Salazar Lares, a 60-year-old engineer retired from the state oil company PDVSA, is heard in a video that focuses on Saab with his son. They entered the building. A store on the island.

By: Ntn24

Since then, her relatives have reported her missing. The last time anyone heard from him was on February 5 when he was driving his gray Mazda sedan.

Available information is scarce. A journalist from the state of Nueva Esparta, who preferred anonymity, told NTN24 that relatives have removed publications about him from social networks, and that no one wants to talk about the case “out of fear”, while at the same time they are begging. for help.

“This is so ugly, it’s an open secret. “There’s a lot of fear,” he commented.

Alex Saab is free in Venezuela after an agreement between Maduro and the United States, whose authorities accused him of laundering, corrupting and enriching himself with Venezuelan money.

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