14 Congressmen Ask US to Review Relations with El Salvador

A group of congressmen led by far-left Congresswoman Ilhan Omar sent a letter to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken asking him to review relations with El Salvador, warning that the upcoming elections would “represent a significant breach in El Salvador’s constitutional norms” as Vice President Buquel again are contesting elections. The letter is also signed by Congressman Jim McGovern, close to Salvadoran history in the 1980s when he led an investigation into the massacre of Jesuit priests. Congressmen ask Blinken to send the Salvadoran government “an unequivocal message of the importance of respecting constitutional and democratic norms”, “strongly condemn the excesses of the state of exception”, consider direct financing mechanisms for civil society and partner non-governmental organizations, security for Salvadorans and Restrict other aid to the police and the army. In response, Vice President Buccaneer asserted that the United States should allow free and fair elections.

He maintains that the state of emergency has “served as a smokescreen for the selective harassment of the government’s political opponents,” and for human rights and environmental activists, citing the arrest warrant against the country’s former ambassador to the United States, Ruben Zamora. , criticizes the current government. In addition, they refer to unlawful or arbitrary killings, enforced disappearances, torture, arbitrary detention, severe restrictions on freedom of expression, etc. “It is not up to the United States government to determine who is eligible to run for president in a foreign country, nor to select the winners. However, we are concerned that some of the State Department’s public messages regarding the elections are overly credible to President Buccaneer’s re-election bid and his administration, ” reads the letter. The letter was signed by Democratic Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Joaquin Castro, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, Pramila Jaipal, Greg Kasar, Linda T. Sanchez, Marc Pocan, Nydia M. Signed by Velazquez, Raul Grijalva, Barbara Lee, Jim McGoran, Jim McGorn. , Jamie Raskin and Jan Schakowsky.

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