Preview Nintendo is trying a new genre and the result is sure to appeal to players, the Splatoon 3 DLC is brilliant! On the switch

Preview Nintendo is trying a new genre and the result is bound to attract players, the Splatoon 3 DLC is brilliant!


A year and a half after its release, Splatoon 3 is finally preparing to welcome its months-announced solo DLC. Entitled Tower of Order, this mod with rogue-lite mechanics makes the experience even more complete. A week before its release, I was able to play it in advance and was completely won over by this refreshing proposition.

At the time of Splatoon 2, we remember that Nintendo offered a single-player DLC called the Octo Expansion. If this extension takes the form of additional levels with a narrative framework, Splatoon 3 also offers significant additional content, but differs in substance. Along with Tower of Order, Nintendo’s colorful shooter gets a rogue-lite mode, there is something unprecedented in the title of the Japanese manufacturer. And at least we can say that we get all the codes that make the genre popular, all tied into Splatoon’s charm.

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An expansion exploring Splatoon in a new light

Nintendo is trying a new genre and the result is bound to attract players, the Splatoon 3 DLC is brilliant!

To justify this new game mode, Agent Eight, our Inkling, finds himself in Chromapolis Square completely colorless after sleeping on the train to get there. While the place is lifeless and monochrome, we meet Pearl, the iconic character of the series, in the form of a drone, who will help us climb the tower in the center of the square.. To advance inside the tower, we are also accompanied by Eyte who gives us access to the elevator, as well as color chips that give us improvements. After the first run which corresponds to the end of the tutorial, this is where the adventure really begins. from now on, The goal is to defeat the threat at the top of the tower that threatens the integrity of the world of Splatoon..

Nintendo is trying a new genre and the result is bound to attract players, the Splatoon 3 DLC is brilliant!

Beyond the justification of this simple but effective narrative, Tour of Order is a chance to explore the world of Splatoon in a new light. Step out of the flashy and colorful colors, everything here is very monochrome to convey the menace that this tower represents. This gives this universe a new tone and a most beautiful effect. Besides these colors, This expansion brings an even more science fiction aesthetic than the base game, with a monochrome look reminiscent of NieR Automata. And then, we are treated to music at the crossroads of many genres for the urban style unique to the series that offers new pieces that are as successful as ever. in short, Tower of Order beautifully develops the Splatoon universe in a more artistic way.

A rogue-lite mode with an addictive gameplay loop

Nintendo is trying a new genre and the result is bound to attract players, the Splatoon 3 DLC is brilliant!

Much more than its story, its aesthetics and its music, Tower of Order is a big new thing for Splatoon 3 because it’s a rogue-lite mode. By this I mean the experience where we progress from level to level and get upgrades that we all lose when we die, which starts us from scratch. However, before each new game, it is possible to permanently increase certain characteristics using the resources recovered during the previous run, to facilitate climbing in the future. With this gameplay loop, the goal is to climb the floor, defeating the bosses you encounter on your way until you reach the top of the tower..

Nintendo is trying a new genre and the result is bound to attract players, the Splatoon 3 DLC is brilliant!

With the Tower of Order, Splatoon 3 applies Rogue-Lite’s codes to the letter while shining with elements unique to the series.. On each floor, you have a choice between three rooms that offer upgrades, difficulties, and all different structures. A point to defend, a target to eliminate, an object to move… Levels, enemies and objectives change every time so that the player doesn’t get bored. Additionally, there are variations with additional difficulties or bonuses to add challenge. On average, you have two to three lives to reach the top of the tower… and you can’t refuse. Some floors aren’t really easy, like some bosses that will tell you to be careful. To progress, we use iconic weapons of the franchise that we rediscover in a new light, for example, thanks to specific improvements that compensate for their weaknesses. You can also experiment with original combinations by changing your special ability and your secondary weapon. And it’s all put together that makes this unique experience so special.

Our impressions

After this first handling, there is reason to be really excited about this Tour of the Order DLC. By applying rogue-lite codes to the Splatoon universe, the experience offers a particularly addictive gameplay loop. At the end of each run, we want to immediately restart a game to try to go further and further by trying different combinations. And the best thing about it is that the difficulty is there, which offers a real pleasant challenge. Thanks to this expansion, Splatoon 3 can offer the most complete experience of the saga. But to be sure, you’ll just have to wait for Tower of Order’s release on Nintendo Switch on February 22.

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