Photos of the two American stars who threw the challenge


United StatesPhotos of the two American stars who threw the challenge

Actresses Jennifer Aniston, 55, and Sandra Bullock, 59, known for promoting natural beauty, were photographed leaving a cosmetic surgery office on Wednesday.

Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock met cosmetic surgeon Dr. The sneaky pictures were taken outside Neil Gordon’s office. The former star of “Friends” thus hides her face under a black hat and the actress wears sunglasses, revealed by the movie “Speed”.

Doctor Neil Gordon oversees facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, the “Daily Mail” reports. She specializes in “facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty,” according to her website, but also offers injectables like Botox and Kybella. A full-face Botox treatment can cost around $3,000 (about 2,700 francs), double that for Kybella.

“It’s a slippery slope”

While she admitted to having cosmetic surgery for her nose in the past, Jennifer Aniston defended herself in 2015 from getting too many Botox injections. “I’m not saying I haven’t tried it, but I see what a slippery slope it is,” she explained. All this cosmetic stuff seems ridiculous to me.

For her part, Sandra Bullock defended herself in 2018 from using fillers (these are liquid products that can be injected, either to reshape certain areas of the face or to get filler wrinkles, hairline or other facial depressions), claiming allergies. doing. , “Closure” notes.


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