PC gamers will buy Xbox and PlayStation consoles just to play GTA 6

GTA VI won’t launch on PC on day one, but that won’t stop fans from buying a brand new console to play Rockstar Games’ next masterpiece.

Too realistic for the hype GTA VI right now Rockstar Games released the first trailer last December, which broke several records after its premiere, even becoming the most-liked video game trailer on YouTube.

Unfortunately, while everyone was eager to finally get a glimpse of the game, Rockstar was reluctant to give us a release date. All we know at the moment is that it will be released sometime in 2025, with fans speculating that it will be sooner rather than later.

For some fans, the wait will be longer than others, as it looks like Rockstar will follow the same pattern as GTA V And Red Dead Redemption 2 by releasing GTA VI For consoles first and maybe a PC port later. This will definitely be bad news for PC-only gamers, as it could be several months before they get to play.

The issue has become a hot topic in the online community, with one Reddit post asking “PC gamers, what will you do after it launches on console?” » The post states that the options will either be to buy a console just to play the game or spend months avoiding spoilers about the story and gameplay, which would be an impossible task.

It seems that for most potential gamers, the Xbox series is the only option to buy GTA VI Free lol.

Another added: “I’m going crazy waiting for the PC release. I’ll be getting a PS5 as soon as the official release date is announced

Ultimately, one player said they would get both versions of the game, “I intended to modify the whole thing as I did. GTA V

Good luck to any PC players who plan to wait for their version of the game, the chances of avoiding spoilers will be close to zero.

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