Palworld is also a historic hit on Xbox, with numbers growing exponentially

Palworld continues to break all records, especially on Xbox. Pocket Pair Studios has announced that its title has been visited by 7 million players across Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and the Microsoft Store. Microsoft has provided more details on these figures.

Palworld Pocket Pair Xbox Sales StatisticsPalworld Pocket Pair Xbox Sales Statistics
Credit: Pocketpair / YouTube Screenshot

Palworld has been abuzz since its early access launch in January. PocketPair developers regularly inform their community about the number of players joining it collectively. Only so far, the studio has made no distinction between platforms. So, it was common knowledge that Palworld was selling more than Pokemon Arceus on Steam, but nothing on Xbox.

We now know a little more about how players are split between Steam and Xbox. Yesterday, Pocketpair announced on X (formerly Twitter) that Palworld has over 19 million total players. From this number:

  • Over 12 million copies have been sold on Steam to date.
  • 7 million people play on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and the Microsoft Store.

More Palworld success statistics

The official Xbox Wire blog tells us a little more about this cheeky success. Thus, Palworld won the prize of “The largest launch of a third-party titleXbox Game Pass recorded the highest number of players within ten days of its launch. The game is also the most played cloud title by Game Pass Ultimate, breaking the record on Xbox cloud gaming. Microsoft praises the performance:

Palworld has welcomed more than 7 million players across consoles and Windows, and recently peaked at nearly 3 million daily active users on Xbox, making it currently the most played game on our platforms.

In the same release, Microsoft confirmed working closely with PocketPair to bring additional features to Palworld. Dedicated servers, faster updates and optimizations are on the agenda for the Microsoft gaming platform.

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PocketPair CEO Takuro Mizobe enthuses: “This is just the beginning for us and Palworld, and the feedback we get during Early Access will allow us to continue to improve the Pal Tamer experience across all platforms.” We hope for it, because with this tremendous success, Palworld has attracted the enmity of the Pokemon company. The Nintendo subsidiary may soon start legal proceedings against Pocketpair.

Fame also brings a population of other unsavory characters. Recently, Pocketworld was forced to take drastic measures to combat the frauds that invaded the game. But in addition to sincere players, success also attracts a more serious phenomenon: copying. Fake mobile versions of Palworld thus try to steal the personal information of their victims.

  • The official Xbox blog shared more statistics on Palworld’s player count.
  • Since its launch, the game has broken many records on the Microsoft platform.
  • In total, 19 million people currently play Palworld: a resounding success.

Source: Xbox Wire

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