Nobody Likes – Bella Porch & 6ReallyHuman (Review)

Bella Porch, in collaboration with 6arelyhuman, released a new track titled “Don’t Pick Nobody.” Both artists have a really interesting path, which if you explain to a musician 30 years ago, it would sound like that. But they are both distinguished in their particular genres and disciplines. Bella Porch was not only a huge TikTok star, but the amount of money she has earned on streaming services also gives her a lot of recognition as a music artist in the eyes of the public.

The track “Nobody Likes” is one of the catchiest tracks I’ve heard in a while. Both artists bring their own unique vocal abilities to the mix. It’s a very simple but good track, with everything but the vocals working to support the vocals. In certain tracks, people can listen for a deeper meaning or a place to drift away in their own thoughts. This track is like something you just put on and it brightens your day, nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes that’s just what you need. The theme of the song is a love story about two party goers who find themselves attracted to each other and start saying “I really like you, I don’t like anyone.” Which is kind of a funny phrase that can be interpreted in different ways. It can be seen as a gesture of devotion, or it can be seen as making a promise and breaking it in the same sentence, because “How can you like me, you don’t like anyone?”. Anyway, most songs are simple and being good at doing something simple can be just as difficult as writing something very complex.

If you’re not from this generation of 14-25 year olds, odds are you haven’t heard of one of the controversial artists. So I will give some information. Bella Porch is a Filipino-American social media star who gained initial fame from TikTok where she created interesting content. She gained widespread fame for her content on TikTok where she lip-synced and danced. If you remember the “M to the B” TikTok video, it was probably Bella Porch. 6arelyhuman is an artist who has recently become famous especially through posts on social media. The initial wave that carried 6arelyhuman seems to have been their edits of old-school Japanese Animated Music Videos (AMV’s) on YouTube and perhaps TikTok. I don’t know if I’m losing you here, but both of these artists are hitting their respective parts of internet culture pretty well. Even though Bella Porch is more mainstream.

When looking at the first videos put up by 6arelyhuman, it seems like what everyone was trying to do on YouTube in 2007-2012, but no one had the right resources. Now, anyone can create high-quality content from home with enough dedication, and it’s easier than ever to hire people who are good at things you’re not. Amazing music production software, video editing software, and more allow artists to express their vision very easily without using a major record label to guide them. This is a whole topic for another day but in summary I was very happy to see a collaboration between these two unique artists who are doing their own thing. You should check it out and see what you think!

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