Nicolas Jaeger, the group’s deputy general director, has died

The Iliad Group announced on Tuesday afternoon the disappearance of its financial director Nicholas Jaeger, who also held the position of deputy general manager.

Nicolas Jagger, the financial director of Iliad, died suddenly on Monday evening at the age of 45. The telecom group announced in a brief press release on Tuesday afternoon the unfortunate disappearance of the deputy general manager.

“In all things, there was a power that went, that took life and that shook everything in its path with its power and its creativity, always with mercy and righteousness”, Xavier Neill, of the Board of Directors of ‘Iliad’ Remembers the president. and Group General Director Thomas Renaud.

“He was one of the great architects of the growth of the Iliad Group, especially at the international level,” underlines the press release.

The young manager worked for more than fifteen years at the Iliad Group, which he joined in 2007 as Head of Investor Relations. In 2011, he was appointed the company’s treasurer before becoming its financial director in 2018. Nicolas Jaeger held the position of Deputy General Manager from 2021 and was also a member of the Board of Directors of Millicom, TRM, D’IFT and Play In. Poland.

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